About Us

aking in the wonderful aroma coming from the family grill, as his dad grilled the family summer-time feasts, was the beginning of a life-long love of barbecue for Southern Delight Gourmet Foods founder, Bart Anderson. In his early twenties, Anderson began experimenting with making his own barbecue sauces, by beginning with “store bought” sauces and “spicing them up.” Over time, store-bought sauces were taken out of his recipes, and he had the beginnings of what would become a line of national award-winning sauces. It took nearly twenty years before his first recipes were ready for the world. To date, they’ve earned eight national awards.

The inspiration for their product labeling came from the Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons when Anderson and his wife, Marilyn, would sit in rocking chairs on their front porch sipping gourmet coffees and reading their favorite books. “Friends would comment that as they passed our home and saw us on the porch, that we looked so relaxed and so peaceful. That’s when we knew that our home should be the focal point of our product labeling.” Taking photographs of the one-hundred-year-old home, Anderson’s nephew, an accomplished artist living in Kennesaw, GA, drew the artwork of their home and designed the original labeling.

Since the introduction of Southern Delight “Original” Barbecue Sauce (re-branded as the Classic Delight flavor) in 2000, Southern Delight Gourmet Foods, LLC has added three sauces, three marinades, and their first dry seasoning, along with deluxe pine gift sets that make delightful gifts. “We believe that we are the only producer of gourmet barbecue sauces and marinades, that spice-matches our marinades to our sauces”, says Anderson. In their Classic Delight flavor, they offer a marinade, dry seasoning and barbecue sauce, all with spice-matched formulas. “We believe it’s important to use the same flavor profile throughout the entire cooking process”, adds Anderson.

Flavors offered by Southern Delight include Classic Delight, Smoky Pecan Peppercorn, Sweet Bacon & Spice, and Mint Julep. But they’re not just for barbecuing…” and the Classic Delight sauce makes some of the best chili and vegetable soup you’ve ever put in your mouth. Not to mention how great our seasoning and marinades make grilled and smoked foods taste”, he adds. From dipping vegetables to making a dip for chips, the unique spice combination that’s the basis of all Southern Delight products, takes on a different flavor, depending upon what it’s used on.

And for those folks who have high blood pressure, or are sodium sensitive, all Southern Delight Gourmet products are low in sodium. In fact, they don’t even use salt as an ingredient! “Being low sodium was completely an accident,” he comments. “My father-in-law has always had high blood pressure, so we just learned to create great flavor in our cooking without adding salt.” And they certainly have – they’ve found a combination of herbs and spices that taste great – without salt. No wonder, their company trademarked slogan is, “We’ll Delight Your Taste Buds!” For more information about Southern Delight gourmet food products, call toll-free 866-782-9943 or email info@southern-delight.com, or check out their website at www.southern-delight.com.

“The Low-Sodium Choice for a Healthier America!”